Bodmin Women FC Mid-Season Update

Bodmin Women FC have provided us with an update now they are mid-way through their season. The team have played 9 matches so far and their record is:

League - 3 wins, 4 losses
Cups - 1 win, 1 loss.

The team will hopefully have 9 matches left to play starting with a home match in the league cup against Bude Town on the 8th January. Here is a full list of their results and remaining fixtures for the 2022/23 season.

Fixtures are subject to change. Bodmin Women FC are always delighted to see new supporters at their games, so please visit their Facebook page for further information. The team are also looking for new sponsors and players, so please reach out to the team on Facebook if you are interested in further information.

The Accommodation Bureau are proud to be a primary sponsor of Bodmin Women FC, along with other local businesses including Proper Cornish, BDI Music, The Bodmin Jail Hotel, Bodmin Jail Attraction and Specsavers Bodmin.